Overdrive e-book service

**Welcome to the Next Generation of your library’s digital collection! We’ve made it faster and more intuitive to connect you to the books you love. Through the Westmoreland Library Network, OVERDRIVE is available to valid cardholders who are registered at Monessen Public Library.

Free databases!

**This link will take you to the LIBBY website where you have access to the following 8 databases:


  1. STINGRAY CLASSICA – more than 1000 concerts for free
  2. CRAFTSY – Engaging and understandable how-to crafts from painting to macrame and so much more
  3. INDIE FLIX – 1000’s of full length feature films and shorts
  4. KOVEL’S – the expert source for antiques and collectibles information
  5. LAW DEPOT – legal document templates
  6. METHOD LEARNING – SAT and ACT prep courses
  7. QELLO – Stream concerts from your favorite artists or discover new ones!
  8. GREAT COURSES – Engaging and understandable lectures by esteemed professors, professionals, and experts in topics ranging from history, science, language learning, and much more.


  • library card is required to access these resources.
  • Checkout Period: Unlimited Access for 7-days
    • Each checkout provides a free 7-day access pass to watch.  After 7 days, checkout another 7-day access pass.
  • Overdue Fines: None
  • Compatible Devices: Most computers, smartphones, & tablets with compatible browsers

Getting Started

  1. Download the free Libby App from OverDrive or use it in your web browser
  2. Add “Westmoreland Library Network”
  3. Enter your library card number
  4. Look for “EXTRAS” 
  5. Click “Get Access” to activate your 7-day pass.
  6. Immediately begin streaming or saving shows to your wishlist!


**Explore the library’s selection of new books!

Pennsylvania Genealogy website

**Research in Pennsylvania can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With records available for more than 300 years of the state’s history, your family is sure to be found in a variety of records available online and at the many archives and libraries located throughout the state.



Power Library

**The POWERLibrary project allows you to access thousands of full text periodical articles, newspapers, a major encyclopedia, plus photographs, pictures, charts, maps, and reference materials.

Catalog Search

**Over 700,000 items are available to you with your Westmoreland Library Network card. Your card entitles you to order items from 21 libraries in Westmoreland County and have them delivered to the Monessen Public Library, AT NO COST!

Note: You will need to have a VALID LIBRARY CARD to access the library’s wifi (wireless) network.