Monetary Donations

You can make an online donation by visiting our Online Catalog here.


Memorial Donations

Thank you for your interest in a Memorial donation to the Monessen Public Library. Each memorial donation will be used to purchase a book, or some other type of item, if specified.  A memorial plaque will be affixed to the item. 

Please include following information: 

  1. Name of the deceased

  2. Name(s) of those making the donation

  3. Address of those making the donation

  4. Person(s) in family of deceased that you want to notify about the donation

  5. Address of family of the deceased to notify about the donation


You can mail this information along with a check made out to “Monessen Public Library” to:

Dave Zilka, Director

Monessen Public Library

326 Donner Avenue

Monessen, PA  15062


If you have any questions please call the library at 724-684-4750 or email