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Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania

UFO & Bigfoot Researcher and Author, Stan Gordon, will present an illustrated  lecture called, “Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania,” and will cover a history of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other strange incidents that have occurred in Westmoreland County and the surrounding Pittsburgh area, as well as statewide.  Some of the topics covered will include the 1965 UFO crash-landing near Kecksburg, PA. The year 2015, will mark the 50th anniversary of that historic event.

 Also discussed will be the massive wave of UFO & Bigfoot activity that occurred in 1973, low level UFO encounters, mini-UFOs, and strange creature reports. Stan will also give an update on more recent strange encounters that he has been investigating.   He will also have a display of UFO & Bigfoot information (when feasible) and will be doing a book & DVD signing.

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